Safe Start Driving School  7/20/20
217 2nd Avenue SW  Milltown, WI  54858
Office (715)825-4950  Cell (715)553-0474
                                          CONTRACT OF AGREEMENT AND APPLICATION               Agreement #___________

I(we) hereby make application to Safe Start Driving School to enter one or more of the following boxed  areas:

Check box that applies
           Compete Driving Course. Traditional Classroom and Behind the Wheel:  Agree to pay a fee of  $ 440.00   to include $125.00
               for 30 hours of classroom instruction, and $315.00 for 6 hours of behind the wheel and 6 hours of observation

Compete Driving Course.  Online Classroom and Behind the Wheel: Agree to pay a fee of  $ 440.00   to include $125.00 for
             30 hours of Online classroom instruction, and $315.00 for 6 hours of behind the wheel and 6 hours of observation

Classroom only:  (Circle one)     Traditional     Online      
              Agree to pay a fee of  $ 125.00  for 30 hours of classroom instruction.

Behind the Wheel and Observation Only: Agree to pay a fee of  $ 315.00  
              6 hours of Behind the Wheel and 6 hours of Observation.
              Payment Plan:    Drive #1 $115.00.   Drive #2 $100.   Drive #3 $100.00

Additional Drive:  Agree to pay a fee of $ 50.00 per each hour of Student Behind the Wheel.

Classroom Change Session:  Agree to pay a fee of  $25.00 to change Classroom Sessions.

Transfer Schools:   Agree to pay a fee of $50.00 to change Driving Training School.

Online Classroom Transfer:  Agree to pay $125.00 for transfer from an Online Classroom Course other than
              Safe Start Driving School, and meet all Safe Start Driving School’s policies and requirements.

Makeup Class Option Online:   Agree to pay a fee of $15.00 to Makeup class option Online.

Refresher Course:  Agree to pay a fee of $ 50.00 for 10 hour Refresher Course. In regular class sessions.

Adult training:  Agree to pay $50.00 per hour.  Possible pick up fee

Fail to Yield Right of Way Course:  Agree to pay $75.00 for 2 hour Court Ordered Fail to Yield Course
Any Traditional classroom sessions absent /missed must have a legitimate excuse with a note from the sponsor explaining the excuse
Only 2 Traditional classes may be missed
Any missed class must be made up
Students will be excused from the classroom or vehicle for behavior problems, and will be counted as an absent
Cell Phone use is prohibited and will be confiscated
All Students and Parents will attend an Orientation and take Safe Start Driving School’s written tests

“The school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of the agreement”.  
“This constitutes the entire agreement between the school and the student and no verbal statement or promises will be recognized”.  

We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments. $ 40.00 No Show Fee
There will be a $50.00 NSF charge for returned checks

Legal Name (Please Print)______________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth________________          Phone #________________________       School you attend____________________________

Student Signature_______________________________________________ ___________________ Date_____________________

Parent Name (Please Print)    __________________________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature____________________________________________________________________Date____________________

Safe Start Driving School Representative__________________________________________________Date__________________