Calendar Subject to Change
Safe Start Driving School  
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Nov 2
Orientation 6pm
5:30 If notpre-registered
Parent and Student
Must Attend
Nov 3
Your Drivers License
Assignmnet Due
WI HndBk 1-10
Quest 1-31
Nov 4    5-7pm        
Know your Vehicle
Assignment Due
WI HndBk Pg 10-14
Quest 32-60
Nov 5   
Signs Signals
Pavement Markings
Asssingment Due
WI HndBk pg 15-28
Quest. 61-97
Signs WkSheet in folder
Nov 6
Nov 9
General Rules
Basic Maneuvers
Assignment Due
WIHndBk Pg 28-39
Quest. 98-115
Nov 10  
Right of Way
Rules of the Road
Assignment Due
WI HndBk 40-44
Quest 116-139
Right of Way WkSheet
in folder
Nov 11 5-7pm
Safe Driving Tips
Managing Risk
Assignment Due
WI HndBk44-48
Quest 140-165
Insurance Wk sheet in
Nov 12
Test Part 1
Test Signs
Assignment due
Study for test
Nov 13
Nov 16
Seeing Well
Assignment Due
WI Hndbk pg49-57
Quest. 1-53
Nov 17
Managing Space,Time
Assignment Due
WI HndBk Pg58-69
Questin 73-109
Traffic Survey,
Interview, Know Veh
News Article, Interview,
Court Report
Nov 18    5-7pm
Share the Road
MotorCycle, Ped/Bikes
Farm/Rural, Funeral, ATV
Horse Drawn,
Emergency,School Bus
Road Construction
RailRoad Crossing
Assignment Due
Read Brochures
Nov 19
Adverse Driving Cond
Assignment Due
WI HndBk pg 59-61
Quest 54-72
Nov 20
Nov 23  No class
Nov 24 No Class
Nov 25  No class
Nov 26  No Class
Nov 27 No Class
Nov 30
Hwy Dept
Snow Plow/SemiTruck
Emergency Crashes
Assignment Due
WI HndBk pg 75-80
Quest 152-180
Dec 1
Be in Shape to Drive
Inattentive Driving
Teen Alcohol
Assignment Due
WI HndBk pg 69-75
Quest 120-151
Dec 2   5-7pm
Police Officer
Victim Impact
Assignment Due
Speaker Question
Dec 3
Organ Donar
Assignment Due
Study for Test
Fall 2020
Ruby's Retreat
210 E Park Ave Luck, WI
Nov 1 6pm  Orientation
Nov 3 - Dec 3
Mon - Thurs 6-8pm  (Wed 5-7pm)
No class Thanksgiving week