Luck / Spring 2018
Orientation Mar 1   6-8pm
Mar 5 - Mar 28
Mon - Thurs   
3:45 or 6:00
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Safe Start Driving School  
Session Calendar        Printable
Feb 26
Feb 27
Feb 28
Mar 1
Orientation  6-8pm
5:30 if not Pre
Parent and Student
Must Attend
Mar 2
Mar 5
Your Drivers License
Managing Risk
Assignment Due
WI HndBk Pg 1-6
Quest. 1-31
Mar 6                     
Know your Vehicle
Assignment Due
WI HndBk Pg 7-11
Quest 32-60
Mar 7                     
Pavement Markings
Asssingment Due
WI HndBk pg 12-19
Signs WkSheet
Mar 8                 
General Rules
Basic Maneuvers
Assignment Due
WIHndBk Pg18-24
Quest. 98-115
Mar 9
Mar 12                  
Right of Way
Rules of the Road
Assignment Due
WI HndBk 20-27
Quest 116-138
Wk Sheet - Right of Way
March 13               
Safe Driving Tips/Parking
Assignment Due
WI HndBk 27-30
Quest 139-165
Insurance Wk Sheet
March 14              
TEST Part 1
Assignment Due
Study for test
March 15           
Seeing Well
Assignment Due
WI Hndbk pg30-37
Quest. 1-52
March 16
March 19              
Managing Space,Time
Assigment Due
WI HndBk pg41-48
Quest 72-109
Traffic Survey, News
Article, Interview, Court
Report, Get to Know Veh
March 20               
Share the Road
MotorCycle Awarness
Other Users of the Road
RailRoad Crossing
Assignment Due
WkSheet -Share and Be
March 21            
Adverse Driving Cond
Assignment Due
WI HndBk pg 38-41
Quest 53-71
March 22         
Snow Plow / SemiTruck
Assignment Due
WI HndBk pg 53-58
Quest 143-166
March 23
March 26          
Be in Shape to Drive
Inattentive Driving
Teen Alcohol
Assignment Due
WI HndBk pg 48-53
Quest 110-142   
March 27              
Police Officer
Victum Impact
Move Over law
Assignment Due
Speaker Question
March 28           
Test Part 1
Organ Donor
Assignment Due
Study for Test
March 29         
March 30
Calendar Subject to Change