What do I need to know about Behind the Wheel Instruction?

Classroom Registration Fee -  $125.00
Online Classroom Fee - $125.00  (coming soon)
Behind the Wheel Fee -  $315.00   Payment Plan Available

  • 6 Hours of Behind the Wheel  
  • 6 Hours of Observation
  • Students must have their permit for 6 months before trying for their license
  • Each Drive will consist of 1 hour of Behind the Wheel and 1 hour minimum Observation
  • 2 Hours per Drive   (Student may be in the vehicle for 2 hours of Observation = 3 hours)

Drive Schedule  
(also see Pickup and Drop off)
Safe Start Driving School only drives students on Non School days

  • During the school year, Drive times will be scheduled after school, early release days and
    days off school
  • Students involved in after school activities will be scheduled on days off school
       (please provide the instructor with a 6 month schedule of activities)
  • Compete list of drive times will be given to the student on the 1st Drive

1st Drive
  • 1st Drive is required within 60 days of receiving permit
  • Safe Start Driving School will schedule the 1st Drive when the MV3001 form is requested

Inclement weather
  • The instructor will cancel at their discretion
  • During school hours, the Drive will be cancelled by 2:00pm asking the school to
       please notify the student
  • If school is cancelled, the Drive will be cancelled

Cancel / Reschedule Drive Time
  • Please call ASAP
  • The drive time can be used for another student
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours must be made by a parent
  • Remember:  Rescheduling may be difficult.  Drive schedules are full

No Show Fee
  • $40 No Show fee will be charged for missed appointments and appointments not
    cancelled prior to 24 hours

Pick up and Drop Off
  • Students will be picked up and dropped off at the school
  • It is most beneficial for the student to get the most instruction at the skills being taught
    during each session.  Meaning, they will get more out of their instruction by having more
    time to  practice and being introduced to different driving situations.  
  • Instructors will not drop off a student at a location other than home, unless prior
    arrangements were made
  • Timing may vary.  Be aware that pick up and drop off times may vary
       Please be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled drive
       If the instructor is running longer than 15 minutes, you will be called
  • Please keep phone #'s current

The Drive / In the Car
  • Each drives consists of 1 hour of Behind the Wheel Instruction and 1 hours of Observation
  • Each lesson will consist of different skills
  • Skills will increase with difficulty each drive
  • Student is expected to practice these skills with a parent or qualified driver before the next
    scheduled drive with an instructor
  • Students will be introduced to different driving situations  
  • During each drive, the student will observe another student's Behind the Wheel Instruction
The student is expected to observe  
No Cell Phones          No Text Messaging            No Homework             
  • We try to stop at gas stations to switch drivers, giving the opportunity to use rest rooms  
  • Students may eat and drink in the car, but not while driving

  • No Flip Flops while driving No Sorel type boots

  • Drivers have their permit/drivers license in their possession while driving If you forget your
    permit you will forfeit your drive.  $40 No Show Fee

Practice is everything to becoming a safe driver
Behind the Wheel
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Transfer Schools or Online Classroom Instruction
If you Transfer or take an Online Drivers Ed Classroom
Very Important - Contact Safe Start Driving prior to registering for
  online class
  • Must provide a Classroom Completion letter from the Online school
  • Attend a Safe Start Driving School Orientation
  • Sign Contract/Agreement with Safe Start Driving School
  • Pay Classroom Transfer fee
  • Take Safe Start Driving School Written Tests
  • 1st Behind the Wheel must be within 60 days of receiving permit.
  • Click for Online Classroom transfer info

Online Classroom Instruction
  • Safe Start Driving School will be offering an Online classroom program.  Check
    back for updates
  • Altho, we believe the interaction between student and instructor in the
    classroom is very important

  • Safe Start Driving School will except WI State Approved Online Classroom
  • Online students must pass the same tests as our Classroom students
  • Priority BTW scheduling will be given to our Classroom students
  • Click for Online Class transfer info

Lost or Renew Permit
  • You will have to go to the DMV for a Duplicate or Renewal
  • You must have a MV3001 form  every time you go to the DMV
  • Get the signed MV3001 form from Safe Start Driving School
  • If you are under 18 years old
  • It Must be signed by Safe Start Driving School

Required Practice
  • 30 hours of Required Practice
  • Safe Start Driving School recommends at least 10 hours between instructions.
  • Use the Supervised Driving Log to keep track of hours
       (Driving Log provided in Safe Start Drivers Ed Folder, 2 Located in WI Motorist
        Handbook, DMV website)
  • The more practice time the student receives, the more skilled  the student will
    become and will develop good / safe driving habits

Schedule practice time  
  • Progress Report / What to Practice Sheet will be provided after each drive
  • Practice all types of driving and driving conditions
  • Point out what to watch out for
  • Impress the importance of sharing the road with, motorcycles, mopeds,
    pedestrians, bicycles,emergency vehicles and highway maintenance
  • Minimize passenger distractions in the vehicle while practicing
  • If the student does not develop the skills taught at each lesson, they may not
    be able to advance to the next level
Parents YOU are the Coach
If you received a text, your drives have been rescheduled
  •  In order to be fair, drives were rescheduled by permit issue date
  •  Drives may not  be from the school you attended
  •  Most drives will be from Siren and SCF to accommodate students at
         different levels
  •  Please find transportation to these drives.  The schedule is not flexible
         at this time. Cancelling may result in a longer wait for your license

Behind the Wheel instruction will resume with a few changes
PPE Personal Protective Equipment / Face Masks will be required by each
  • Please bring your own Face mask.  Due to shortages, face masks
       will not be provided and result in a No Show Fee $40
  • Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant wipes will be provided
  • Each driver will sufficiently wipe down the drivers area before leaving the
  • If you feel sick, fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste, please cancel
  • No drinks or foods will be allowed in the vehicle
  • Please check back here before your drive for updates

Class Makeup
  • If you need to make up a class Call me ASAP

      Thank you for your patience and understanding during these very
      changing times.    Dorie ~
Behind the Wheel Instruction May 26, 2020
Please check here often as decisions with the
DMV are very fluid at this time
Latest update 5/11/20
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