The Drive / In the Car

The student will receive 1 hour of Behind the Wheel Instruction and at least
1 hour of Observation each drive

Each lesson will consist of different skills
The skills will be taught and the student is expected to practice these skills with a parent
or qualified driver before the next scheduled drive with an instructor
The skills are a progression much like learning to play a video game
The more practice, the more ability to proceed to the next level
Practice is everything to becoming a safe driver

During each drive, the student will observe another student's Behind the Wheel Instruction.
The student is expected to observe  
No Cell Phones          No Text Messaging            No Homework             

We try to stop at gas stations to switch drivers, giving the opportunity to use the rest rooms
Students may eat and drink in the car, but not while driving
Please take your garbage with you

No Flip Flops while driving

State Law requires drivers to have their permit/drivers license
in their possession while driving
If you forget your permit you will forfeit your drive  
You must call and cancel